Spring semester is in full swing which means that NEXT MOVE Interns are placed in businesses around the city. We are so excited about the growth of the program. We have 269 students at 171 internships sites this spring, from all eight Tacoma Public High Schools. Internships help our student explore their future careers so that they leave high school prepared to take on whatever comes next.

Thank you to our 171 internship host sites, the families of our 269 students, all the teachers and staff that support our students at their school, and our six NEXT MOVE coaches. We know that our students' success is a direct reflection of your hard work and dedication to their education.


Liz Hirschl, SOTA '06
Development Director
Elements of Education Partners


[As an intern] you have to be able to get things done without being told to.
— Maddie Feeney, Photography Intern at Elements of Education Partners, Junior at SAMI

One of the core tenants of Elements of Education Partners is to help young people develop their passion. The NEXT MOVE Internship Program is one of the primary ways to achieve that goal. It provides students with work experience in the field that they think will best suit them. Some students leave their internship excited to further pursue that field, and others leave knowing that they’d like to do something a bit different. Either way, the student gains experience that serves as a jumping off point for future pursuits.

Most students enter the NEXT MOVE as a first semester junior, and must complete a semester-long course called “Intro to Internships”. Coaches like Alexa Folsom-Hill (SAMi) and Brittany Skobel (SOTA) walk the prospective interns through the process of creating a resume, writing a cover letter, and preparing for and attending an interview. Upon completion, the intern signs up for an internship with a professional in the field they wish to enter. They spend the spring semester in this placement, and may even go on to be advanced interns in the fall semester of their senior year. Each internship concludes with an end-of-program celebration for interns and supervisors.

Being an intern takes a lot of responsibility because we represent Next Move and [our high school].
— Carlos Gonzalez, Intern at Metro Parks, Senior at Foss High School

The program began as a SOTA miniterm in the early 2000’s, before SAMi even existed. Michaele Sein-Ryan came onto the scene in 2004 to help the forty or so miniterm students prepare for what used to be an intensive three week internship. The interns spent their school hours for the month of January on-site with their supervisor. While this method provided great experience and real-world application, organization was hectic to say the least. Ms. Sein-Ryan wanted to improve upon this, perhaps by turning the program into something bigger altogether. She came up with the name “Next Move” while looking at a magazine. As the program grew, so did the team of Internship Coaches. There is now a team of six internship coaches that work together to find new sites, coach students, match them with sites, and make sure they are successful. This is the second year that all Tacoma public high schools have had the chance to work with NEXT MOVE. There are a total of 269 participants in the program this year, with over half of the students coming from the comprehensive high schools. All of these students enroll with dreams of doing something great in their field, whether that be now or in the more distant future.

This real world application of knowledge helps students determine early on if a field is the right choice for them and provides early work experience that will stand out to employers. The experiences vary widely from student to student. One intern at a veterinary hospital helped to hold a dog down as its leg was amputated. Within their first week, two students interning at the Tacoma fire department had seen horrific injuries and even death. A girl at a dental office helped a man with severe anxiety and other special needs feel comfortable enough to have his teeth worked on. These situations and jobs can be intense, and it’s helpful for students to gain that understanding before committing to a career path.

Every experience serves some sort of benefit to the intern, and the site supervisor is a valuable resource for more than just guidance in the work itself. They can provide insight about higher education related to the career path: What colleges and programs turn out the most professionals, who are some competitors, what some of the biggest challenges are in the field, etc. Some interns stay in touch with their site supervisor after their work time together is over, and their supervisor becomes a mentor in navigating the business side of their craft. An REI photographer from NEXT MOVE’s early years was such a valuable worker that the company paid for her college. This photographer later married one of her colleagues, and the two just recently celebrated the birth of their first child. 

Taking notes is essential! I keep a log to track when and what I learn. Even this early in the game it has helped me to grow as a writer and journalist.
— Aly Apeles, Writing Intern at Elements of Education Partners, Sophomore at SAMI

Because of all the good the program can do, the NEXT MOVE team hopes to see a number of improvements in the coming years. The aim of NEXT MOVE is to prepare students for a career they’ll love, and the earlier a student begins thinking about their future, the better. Internship coaches at all three Elements of Education Partner Schools have already been pushing for the freshman classes to get involved in activities that will set them up for later success as an intern. Mentors in all Elements of Education Partner Schools will hopefully be able to integrate lessons on internship into their Friday teachings. Even middle schoolers will one day have the opportunity to start getting out into the working world! Using resources like Career Cruising and participating in activities like job shadows, the freshman classes to come may just have a better idea of their future than even the upperclassmen now.

Internships can seem preposterous and scary, but The NEXT MOVE helps to remove the uncertainty and unattainability of this unique opportunity. As Michaele Sein-Ryan says, “I want to enjoy my Monday through Friday as much as my Saturday and Sunday.” The NEXT MOVE aims to show the next generation how to fall in love with their work.

Thank you Spring 2017 Intern Hosts!

  • AB Law
  • ABC Physical Therapy
  • Absher Construction
  • AHBL
  • Alliant Physical Therapy
  • Angel Computers
  • Asia Pacific Cultural Center
  • Associated Ministries: Journalism 
  • Associated Ministries: Photographer
  • Bates Technical College: Culinary Arts
  • Bates Technical College: Help Desk
  • BCRA, Inc.
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Bradley Design Group
  • Bruce Dees & Associates
  • Bruce Titus Automotive Group: Photo & Video
  • Building for Acheivement 
  • Cascade Park Vista
  • Catholic Community Services: Development
  • Celebrity Cake Studio
  • Center Collision
  • Center for Urban Waters
  • Centro Latino
  • Chamber's Creek Hatchery
  • Charme Nails and Skin Studio
  • Children's Museum: Preschool 
  • Children's Museum: Volunteer 
  • Chris & Kenji LLC
  • Citizens for a Healthy Bay
  • City of Tacoma: Cyber Security
  • City of Tacoma: Field Services
  • City of Tacoma: Information Technology
  • Clover Park Technical College: Esticitian
  • Commencement Bay Animal Hospital
  • Crescent Heights Elementary
  • CTE ASL / Interpreting
  • Destiny City Comics
  • Downtown on the Go
  • Eagle Tire and Automotive
  • Electronic Dimensions
  • Elements of Education: Photographer
  • Elements of Education: Art Department
  • Elements of Education: Journalism 
  • Elements of Education: Technology
  • Embellish Salon
  • Emmanuel Lutheran Childcare
  • Erickson McGovern Architects
  • Exercise Science Center
  • FabLab
  • Fife Longboard
  • Fircrest Animal Hospital
  • First Creek Middle School
  • Forensics w/ Dr. Sarah Heavin, PhD
  • Forma Construction Company
  • Foundation for Tacoma Students: Business
  • Foundation for Tacoma Students: Photographer
  • Giadrone Middle School
  • Grand Cinema: Lobby & Projection
  • Grand Cinema: Marketing
  • Grant Elementary
  • Gray Middle School
  • Group Benefit Solutions
  • Hanger Clinic
  • Happy Belly Restaurant & Juice Bar
  • Harlequin Hair
  • Harvest Pierce County
  • Haun Made
  • Hilltop Artist Glass Program
  • Hilltop Urban Gardens
  • Humane Society
  • Indochine Asian Dining Lounge
  • Jade's Salon and Day Spa
  • Jason Lee Middle School
  • Jones Animal Hospital
  • JQs Barber Shop
  • KBTC Public Television
  • Korean Women's Association
  • Larchmont Elementary
  • Law Office of Chris Van Vechten
  • LeRoy Jewelers & The Art Stop
  • Life Center: Audio Engineering
  • Madera Wood Furnishing
  • Mason Middle School
  • McGranahan Architects
  • Metro Parks: Athletics
  • Metro Parks: Community & Youth
  • Metro Parks: Marina
  • Metropolitan Development Council
  • Metropolitan Vetrinary Hospital
  • Mulitcare
  • Multicare: Allenmore Sports Medicine
  • Museum of Glass: Education
  • Museum of Glass: Hot Shop
  • Museum of Glass: Membership
  • MVP Phyiscal Therapy
  • Unversity Care Center
  • New Leaf Hyperbaric
  • North End Animal Hospital 
  • Northwest Spay and Neuter Center
  • Northwest Stage & Sound
  • One Woman Spa
  • Pacific Grill
  • Pacific Lutheran University: Campus Safety
  • Pacific Studios
  • Palmer Scholars
  • PB & A LLC
  • Pierce County Superior Court
  • PJ Hummel & Co.
  • Playback Sports
  • Point Defiance Elementary
  • Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium
  • Puget Sound Family Health
  • Puget Sound Fly Co.
  • Rainier Woodworking
  • Redeem Church: Audio Engineering
  • Redeem Church: A/V Technology & Communications
  • Redeem Church: Kitchen with Emergency Food Network
  • Redeem Church: Weekend Preschool
  • Safe Streets - Marketing
  • Shared Housing Services
  • Sheriden Elementary
  • Sixth Avenue Dental
  • Sky Movement
  • Sound Outreach
  • Soundview Veterinary Hospital
  • Special Olympics Coach
  • St. Leo's Food Connection
  • Stanley Elementary
  • Seabury Middle School
  • T&T Tire
  • Tacoma City Ballet
  • Tacoma Community Boat Builders
  • Tacoma Fire Department
  • Tacoma Little Theater
  • Tacoma Musical Playhouse
  • Tacoma Opera
  • Tacoma Public Schools: Career & Technical Education
  • Tacoma Public Schools: Occupational Therapy
  • Tacoma Public Schools: Planning and Construction
  • Tacoma Public Schools: Public Information Office
  • Tacoma Rescue Mission
  • Tacoma Symphony
  • Tacoma Thrift & Consignment
  • Tacoma Water
  • Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber
  • TCC Information Commons
  • TCF Architecture
  • The Parlor
  • The T-Shirt Men
  • Tinkertopia
  • Titus Will: Service Center: Chevy on 512
  • Titus Will: Service Center: Broadway
  • Topia Technology
  • Trina Jones Photography Studio
  • Trinity Afterschool Program
  • Truman Middle School
  • TV Tacoma
  • University Dental
  • University of Puget Sound
  • University of Washington, Tacoma: Office of Advancement
  • University of Washington, Tacoma: Security Department
  • VCA Animal Hospital
  • VFE Custom Pedals
  • Volunteer Legal Services
  • Washington Art Movement
  • Wet Nose Dry Paws
  • Windermere Professional Partners
  • World Trade Center
  • WPG Solutions
  • YMCA: Ram Center Roosevelt Elementary
  • YMCA: University Y
  • YWCA