We've gone Back to School!

start the school year out strong and fund innovative education in Tacoma.


Increase Project Based Learning: $500 ($50/month)
This fall, three teachers received funding for materials needed for project based learning. Our goal is to increase the number of teachers that receive grants in the spring.

teacher student.jpg

Provide One on One Tutoring: $100 ($10/month)
Two aspiring teachers joined our student services team to tutor students that need additional support. This provides extra one on one tutoring to students that need it and cultivates interest in public education as a profession.


Fund 1 Hour of Adjunct Instruction: $50 ($5/month)
Adjunct Instructors are teaching 26 classes this fall. These are professionals in their field who share their expertise with students and add depth and breadth to the class schedule.


Develop One Community Partnership: $25
Community Partners connect our students to the larger community. Whether it's shared space, an internship, or access to community resources, partnerships are key to developing students passions.


We love our donors!  Thank you!

Thank you for your generous donations.  Your donations served over 2,000 students across our community in 2016 by providing access to high-quality educational experiences that developed their passions.

Please consider becoming a sustaining member by giving monthly.  Monthly donations help us budget and have consistent cash flow throughout the year. There is an option to select the frequency of your gift on the donation page.


We envision a future where all students can participate in high quality educational experiences that develop their passions so they become life long learners, thinkers, creators, and activists. 


Elements of Education Partners transforms the culture of education through innovative Partner Schools and Programs built on the core values of community, balance, thinking, and empathy. 


Quality education is unequally distributed and many students fall through the cracks due to lack of engagement. Students that make it through schools are often not prepared for a modern workforce that emphasizes creativity and problem solving. 


Elements of Education Partners partners with community resources to provide high quality educational experiences for students. Students at Partner Schools experience innovative curriculum and programs both inside the classroom and through experiences with our Community Partners. The most successful programs expand beyond our schools to become Partner Programs, offered to students across Tacoma Public Schools. 

partner schools

  • Equity-focused Admission Process
  • Full Inclusion Special Education
  • Mentor Group
  • Project Based Education (Miniterm, Microterm, and A&A, Maker’s Space)
  • Marine Science Center
  • Service and Study Tours
  • Robotics

partner programs

  • Next Move Internships
  • Adjunct Artist Program
  • Xplore Summer Program
  • Early Learning Center

community partners

  • Schools in the midst of community resources:
    • MetroParks - Pt. Defiance
    • Downtown Tacoma (UW Tacoma, businesses, museums, and theater district)
  • Sharing space with Business Partners
  • Internship Hosts across the city

Student Outcomes

Graduation Rates

English Language Arts

% Meeting Standard

Next Move Internships, Spring 2017

Donor Impact

Thank you for your financial support! Money raised is used to hire adjunct artists, create innovative pilot programs that promote educational equity, and create learning environments where students are challenged to take ownership of their education. Philanthropy helps us develop community partnerships, expand partner programs, continue innovation at partner schools, and support students as they journey through their formative high school years and beyond. 

Thank you for your financial support! The below chart shows our the percent of spending by category for the previous fiscal year and the budgeted amount for the current fiscal year.

  • Adjunct Instructor Program: the adjunct instructor program brings professionals into the classroom. Students and staff build relationships a professional network to further their interests and discover their passions.
  • Community Development: community partnerships create access for students. Our partnerships ensure that students from across Tacoma are invited to attend our schools; students learn in a variety of community spaces including museums, parks, zoos, and college campuses; students intern at organizations that align with future career aspirations.
  • School Support: direct support provided to the school for supplies and programs not covered by the district
  • Student Programs: fundraising efforts by students to support Service and Study Tours, Robotics, and Senior Projects.