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Thank you for your generous donations.  Your donations served over 2,000 students across our community in 2018 by providing access to high-quality educational experiences that developed their passions.

We invest in partnerships, people and programs. Community partnerships are the starting point for innovation, connecting students deeply to their city. The people at the schools- students, teachers, and co-directors - make innovation possible through their tireless work and ingenuity. Innovative programs develop students' passions and share successes beyond our schools.

Together, we can ensure that all students and their passion and place.

Please consider becoming a sustaining member by giving monthly.  Monthly donations help us budget and have consistent cash flow throughout the year. There is an option to select the frequency of your gift on the donation page.

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We've gone Back to School!

start the school year out strong and fund innovative education in Tacoma.

Our teachers are always dreaming up innovative projects. Whether students are testing our local water quality, building a car, or creating art from plastic they've found on the beach, they often need specialized supplies that you're more likely to find at Home Depot than Office Depot. Donations to help us purchase these supplies and continue the real-world, innovative learning.

Below are some projects that are currently raising funds. Or, if you can’t choose, donate to the innovative classroom fund and we’ll distribute the funds as needs arise throughout the year.

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SOTA: Cameras for Photograph
Help SOTA's visual arts department grow their digital photography program. These cameras will enable students to learn the fundamentals of camera operations and taking dynamic photos.


SOTA film students are encouraged to tell story through all elements and principals of art. Having the right tools in hand are essential for students’ success. With your help I can continue building my audio recording sets, lighting equipment, and camera/camera accessories to meet my students’ needs.


SAMI: Science Classroom Supplies
SAMI’s science team needs several supplies for our new classes and classroom spaces. Your support will help purchase:

  • A GIANT Periodic Table for the wall of the Chemistry Lab

  • A Classroom supply of diameter tape for Forestry Class

  • 3-5 meter tapes used to lay out transects in Environmental Science, Field Biology, and Marine Biology.


IDEA: Shell Eco Marathon
Students at the IDEA School are competing against other high school and college students in the Americas in the Shell EcoMarathon. Two teams of students are designing, testing and building a complete fuel efficient urban concept car from scratch. We need your help to purchase the engine, raw materials like steel, carbon fiber, electrical systems and safety materials like helmets, fire vests and seatbelts. Help us compete to build the most fuel efficient vehicle at the EcoMarathon challenge next April at the Sonoma Raceway in California!