Our approach to transforming education stems from our four pillars – community, balance, thinking, and empathy. Our pillars create our schools’ culture, and bring focus and purpose to all our programs.


We are a learning community. Careful planning and design of school culture enables us to rely on the strengths of each student and staff member. Students enter the school with the expectation to develop their leadership potential within and beyond our school.


We seek to continually put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and approach new ways of problem-solving. Every member of our community has unique perspectives, strengths, and struggles. We strive to adapt our approach to see the world from each of their points of view.


We challenge ourselves to dive deep into any idea to emerge with a strong understanding, as opposed to merely reciting facts. We believe in putting complex problems in the hands of inspired young people, setting the bar continually higher beyond what even they assume they can achieve.


We develop left-brained and right-brained thinkers, creativity alongside analysis. Exploring both macro and micro, we study the species and the ecosystem, the inflection of one note and the harmony of the whole orchestra. We find balance in perspective and our schools seek to always show both sides of a story.